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“In Paso we live large but keep it local. That’s why I want to share with you my favorite spots around town (and beyond) so you can taste, see and do all that I love around here. Not just vineyards, though there’s plenty of those, but the trails and just-around-the-corner haunts you might never know about. Whether you’re here for some adventure or a peaceful retreat, these are my favorite places and people I can’t wait for you to meet." – Paso Wine Man

Food & Drink

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Tin City

Called “the Brooklyn of Paso”, this is a converted industrial park where small lot wine-makers are setting up shop alongside exciting new food artisans. These guys love what they do and love sharing even more. There’s everything: Etto for amazing pasta, Barrel-House Brewing Co. with exclusive brews served al fresco in the beer garden, and Tin City Cider made with the best California apples that go perfect with their fresh chips. Who knows what you’ll find around the next corner if you’re bold enough to look.

Jeffry’s Wine Country BBQ

For the best Santa Maria style barbecue in Paso Robles don’t miss this downtown spot. With all the rich flavor Paso is known for fired into our finest cuts, I recommend a long, lingering lunch with a bold Robert Hall red on the table. The courtyard sits on the alley out back and makes it one of the best kept secrets in town, ideal for hatching that night’s adventure.

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Refugio Cooking Classes

If there is one thing Paso does right, it’s bringing people together with great food and wine. Why not take a little bit of that home with a cooking class at Refugio. It’s the best place to learn and practice all of the great culinary know-how (from rustic to gourmet) with local experts in a one-of-a-kind lodging and cooking experience. Also, you can’t beat the sunset there. Ic phone 805-415-9164

Longbranch Saloon

This is simply the coolest cowboy bar on the planet with brilliant food by my good friend Pandee Pearson (I’d ride a long way for anything she makes). There’s even a post to hitch up your horse. Come hungry and stay late.

Ic phone 805-238-1152
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Thomas Hill Organics

Deemed one of the best restaurants in Paso Robles and located in the heart of downtown is Thomas Hill Organics, a farm-to-table restaurant that serves creative, organic cuisine and wines from the Central Coast. They really do believe in the significance of organic, regionally-produced food, and work with local purveyors for poultry, fish, grass-fed beef, lamb, and exotic meats. All fruits and vegetables are straight-from-the-farm and their breads are off the charts, I always ask for extra butter. You'll need it!

Ic phone 805-610-1306


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Central Coast Trail Rides

We like to go our own way in Paso. Ride a horse, eat some can do it all here. These views are some of the best on the coast with great horses and cool rides. What more could you want? Just saddle up.

Margarita Adventures

Ride the coolest zip line in California. It’s worth the thrill! I’ve been known to do it with a glass of wine in my hand...but you can wait till after. In Paso Robles, anything is possible if you’re willing to take the leap. Ic phone 805-438-3120
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Conservation Ambassadors

Take a tour of our very own protected wildlife park. Yours truly has had a glass of mour-vèdre with the late great Jasmine, a 350 lb. tigress. It’s not for the faint of heart, but the animals around here are pretty good company I assure you. Ic phone 805-391-0604

Studios On The Park

In Paso we are deeply connected to the land and its spirit. That’s why we’re home to so many great artists and creators who are inspired by the beauty around here. Take in and take home some great art at Studios on the Park, a bastion of terrific Central Coast artists all under one roof right on the stunning square in downtown Paso Robles. Ic phone 805-238-9800


Robert Hall Winery Cavern Tour

There is no wrong turn on this unforgettable tour through the heart of Robert Hall Winery, which takes lucky guests through the wine-making process from vine to glass. The underground caverns are a sight unto themselves and after a tour, I think the wine tastes even better knowing what goes into it.

Kiler Ridge Olive Farm

There’s a reason why Paso Robles is called “Tuscany with Cowboys” and it’s not just because of the beautiful winding roads. The land here is as breathtaking and bountiful as the hills of Italy’s heartland and our olives are a local delicacy. Learn all you need to know about olive oil at Kiler Ridge olive farm with my friend Greg Bone. He’ll leave you wanting to make your own, or at least never making dinner without a bottle nearby. Ic phone 805-400-1439




The Allegretto is home to endless wonders but, most of all, where one finds joy. As you're swept into a rich tapestry of food, culture and endless beauty, you will feel a calming charge that connects you to what truly matters. Here, one enjoys artfully blended wines masterfully produced from grapes grown in the rich, delicate soil of our vineyard dotted hills. Allegretto is where the Chef knows every farmer and grower by name, creating a seasonal menu of pure and authentic local fare. As you tour the grounds, you will discover a cache of stories and family passion that is the true foundation of the Allegretto.